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Intent is the first step towards success


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Melis is a professional and life coach, corporate trainer and consultant who offers a blend of uncommon talents to mid-size companies and business owners. She is the founder of Changethrucoaching. She has been working for many years with dozens of individuals at corporate level to uncover people’s potential and take them on a journey of personal and professional growth. She is known for her leadership in driving change, challenge status quo and build long lasting results. She has a natural skill for understanding clients’ needs and translate complex situations into creative solutions. Melis holds a Master in languages and business. She is a certified coach since 2012.

Melis has a multi-cultural background. She was born in Istanbul and moved to Brussels at an early age. She was raised in English and French. Her life has brought her to live in England and the USA. She has over 20 years of human resources experience as an executive in various sectors and industries. She has managed local and international multi-disciplinary teams. She is known to be an inspirational leader.

Melis has been coaching leaders and managers to help them embrace change and manage their teams through challenging situations. Her work has driven her to oversee big regions that span from Europe to the Middle East and Africa. She has had the chance during those years to be exposed to many nationalities and cultures. She has been living in Miami since 2019.

À propos

Individual coaching

We partner with you to help you unlock your potential and release your strength to reach fulfillment and inner peace. You will learn to become more self-aware and make the choice to eliminate old patterns and behaviors which are hindering the way to your well-being and success. 

The process is based on one-one-one individual sessions of one hour. Through a progressive thought-provoking methodology, you will be exploring different spheres of your life with the aim to clarify your personal objective and create the action plan that will bring realistic yet powerful results. The journey to reach your personal goals will be built on simple tools that have proven to create the ‘waw’ effect and the necessary awareness to start the change you want to see happen in your life.

Benefits of individual coaching

  • Enhance clarity of thoughts and identify what you really want in your life.

  • Explore your life purpose and build your vision to integrate it in your life path.

  • Gain a higher level of confidence by addressing and resolving your mental blocks, insecurities and fears.

  • Access an empowering space in which you are able to reconsider your life and take stock of your feelings, thoughts and goals in a holistic manner

  • Formulate an action plan and have you stay committed to the progress towards your goals

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